Paranormal State’s Ryan Buell Has Pancreatic Cancer

Earlier this week, the cast on “Paranormal State” found out that their colleague Ryan Buell has pancreatic cancer. It’s a hard hit for a 30-year-old TV star, but “Paranormal State” fans are being told Ryan Buell’s pancreatic cancer won’t impact the show.

Ryan Buell has been pretty vocal about his diagnostic. He talked about his pancreatic cancer diagnosis and treatment on Facebook and continues to keep his fans updated on his condition. The 30-year-old paranormal investigator seems confident about his recovery, while his PR people say Ryan Buell’s pancreatic cancer won’t mess up with “Paranormal State”.

“Thank you all for your continued prayers and well-wishes. I won’t lie, I have been in and out of the hospital all week” reads a post on Ryan Buell’s Facebook wall published August 4. “I’m able to walk now, for the most part, without my cane” said the “Paranormal State” star.

A PR staff member kept fans updated on Ryan Buell’s health condition. Earlier this week, a post on “Paranormal State”’s Ryan Buell Facebook wall read: “Everyone, as you know Ryan was in the hospital due to complications with his kidneys. Because his body is already a little weak, it has taken him longer to recover. His kidney health has deteriorated due to the strain”.

“We are asking for everyone to take 5 minutes at noon EST to focus on a while light of energy and healing around Ryan while he receives a small treatment that could help his kidneys heal rapidly” adds the Facebook wall post.

The Huffington Post writes that the said medical procedure was a success, and now Ryan Buell is at his home recovering. People adds that the founder of the Paranormal Research Society was released from hospital Wednesday morning. Ryan Buell’s PR people also announced the good news on Facebook:

“Things are looking positive after complications with his kidneys started a month ago and temporarily knocked him down. Ryan enjoyed some Wendy’s…and reported back to work today”.

Despite the fact that pancreatic cancer is a condition deadly in most cases, Ryan Buell kept positive through the treatment. He even published a photo of himself in a superhero stance with the following comment: “Cancer: Even the Greatest of Heroes Have to Take the Fight Within… Soldier On!”.

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