Pandora Arrives On Windows Phone

Pandora, the most used Internet radio, will soon arrive on Windows Phone, according to a recent report published on Reuters. The move is a great step ahead for Microsoft as the program was already available for Android and iPhone devices. Pandora Radio will have a lot to gain from its collaboration with Microsoft as the service will be even more popular.

Windows Phone lacks many of the features that have made iPhone and Samsung Galaxy the most used smartphones at present. Microsoft is not willing to back out; on the contrary, the company has announced the introduction of a new feature: the Pandora Radio on its Windows Phone devices. Statistics show that 75 percent of Pandora listeners have used either a smartphone or a tablet to access the service. There are now more than 140 million people registered to the Pandora service but their number could become a lot bigger in the future due to the Windows 8 Phone.

Microsoft did not use the same version of Pandora as the other manufacturers. The software included on Windows Phone has an additional feature called Live Tiles which allows listeners to pin their favorite stations on the Start screen of the phone for easier access. Thus, they can listen to radio stations without opening the app or navigating away from the Screen menu. It may seem like an unimportant feature, but Live Tiles has made listeners’ lives a lot easier since its installation.

Similar to the apps that are available with Apple and Google’s operating systems, the Pandora software for Microsoft showcases six radio stations, the most recent one being larger than the rest. Some differences have been enacted, as well, such as the introduction of a “See All Stations” button and a “Shuffle” one. The Play screen was designed particularly for Windows because it features an album cover in a small square and Pandora’s up and down buttons.

Windows Phone owners can listen to their favorite radio stations on Pandora without being forced to watch ads. The service is ad-free until the end of the year because Microsoft is looking for new ways to be one step ahead its competitors.

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