Panasonic Recalls 300,000 Devices for Overheating Batteries

Panasonic has revealed the recall of no less than 300,000 rechargeable battery packs. Apparently, all these devices experience an issue with overheating batteries. Panasonic revealed that the recall affects ruggedized Toughbook tablets, but also netbook computers. 

The Toughbook batteries were manufactured between June 2011 and September 2013. It includes rechargeable battery packs sold in Japan, but also devices sold overseas. It seems that the recall was determined by the company’s concerns that the battery might catch fire, the famous tech maker said on Thursday. 

So, the electronic giant will recall more than 107,000 rechargeable battery packs for tablet PCs. The recall also includes more than 208,000 packs for the Let’s Note laptop computers, due to safety concerns. The possibility of overheating may occur only in particular and rare cases, but the tech giant wanted to make sure that users will be as safe as possible, so it recalled the entire lineup. 

“The batteries are being recalled due to a rare possibility of overheating or igniting due to a manufacturing condition,” a statement from the company said. Until now, four cases of fire involving Panasonic battery packs have been revealed. One of the people involved in such cases suffered minor injuries. This case was registered in Tokyo. In this situation, a person suffered light burns on the fingers when the battery caught fire.   

Initially, Panasonic issued a recall only for 43,000 battery packs for the Let’s Note laptop computers. This recall was announced by the tech company in May. However, it seems that the number of affected devices has grown and quite impressively. 

Panasonic claimed that there are no incidents reported for now, involving batteries sold overseas with the H2. This is a 10.1 inch Windows tablet. To make things simpler for the users of its devices, Panasonic has actually created a website for the recall. Here, owners of devices that can be linked to the recall can find detailed information. 

Panasonic revealed that the cause of the overheating has actually been an error in the manufacturing process. However, the tech company claimed that the batteries will be replaced for free in all cases.

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