Panasonic has released Outdoor Home Surveillance Camera Kit

The camera kit security market is getting bigger and bigger every day. Now, it is time for Panasonic to enter this battle with its new Outdoor Home Surveillance Camera Kit. This kit is available at the price of 300 dollars and has some interesting features that need to be explored.

For starters, this camera kit includes two cameras rated for outdoor use and a Wi-Fi hub. Moreover, to add more to this kit, users can opt for additional hub-compatible Panasonic devices, like extra cameras, because the hub can go up to four cameras, water sensors, motion, door/window sensors and smart plugs. To be mentioned that users can also have up to 50 sensors and smart plugs per hub.

The cameras that are included in the package have a 480×640-pixel VGA resolution, but also an app that looks a little outdated. Yes, the cameras aren’t brilliant, but with the help of their app, users can arm and disarm them. Users will have a lot of control over the settings, so they can create custom activity zones and adjust motion sensitivity. Even if it’s not a perfect outdoor home surveillance kit, it offers a lot of features and terms that make it a reasonable DIY outdoor security camera contender. 

Like any other DIY security device, this kit looks standard, with a glossy black and white plastic hub that will not distract the outdoor décor. This hub also comes with a cable to connects to a router and a power adapter. Moreover, the hub also a LED status indicator and a speaker, which work with both Android and iOS Panasonic Home Network apps.

The LED will display either solid or flashing yellow, green or red. This way, users will know what’s happening without looking at their phone. Solid green indicates the cameras are disarmed, solid yellow means that the system is in various stages of initial configuration, while solid red means that the system is armed. 

The cameras look similar with the hub, black and white plastic design. They are packed with optional stands for mounting to a wall and a long cable for an easy install. 

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