Pamela Anderson Separates from Rick Salomon

It seems that Pamela Anderson is ready to move on. The famous actress has filed for divorce from Rick Salomon, reports reveal. 

So, it has been reported that Pamela was the one who started the divorce procedure. TMZ claimed that the star filed for divorce last Thursday. Apparently, the union of the two could not last for longer. Pamela and Rick originally wedded back in 2007. However, the couple decided to annul the marriage after just 2 months. 

The reason why Pamela took this decision has actually been listed as fraud. Still, it seems that Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon made the relationship work despite the 2007 separation, as in January this year Pamela announced that she and Salomon wedded again. The date when they remarried has not been revealed to the public. At the beginning of the year, Pamela claimed that she and her lover are very happy together. She added that the fact that they are happy actually is everything that matters to them. 

And Pamela and Rick really seemed very happy and, in fact, last October the two were spotted in France, having a great time. Pamela looked extremely comfortable and happy and she actually claimed soon after that Rick is her best friend. Pamela said during an appearance at Ellen DeGeneres Show that “I say we’re best friends with benefits. I don’t want to meet anyone else.” “It’s recycling! No, I’m very happy. We’re happy. He’s a great guy,” the famous actress added. Well, it seems that something has changed since that moment. 

If this marriage ended now, Pamela has put an end to her fourth marriage. The star has been married twice to Salomon, but she has previously been married to Tommy Lee and Kid Rock. 

Pamela Anderson wedded Tommy Lee in 1995. The couple separated in 1998. The marriage to Kid Rock lasted only about one year. The couple wedded in 2006 and separated in 2007. Pamela is mother to two children. The star has two sons with Tommy Lee.

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