Pamela Anderson Obtains Restraining Order against Rick Salomon

The fact that Pamela Anderson wants nothing to do with her ex-husband Rick Salomon is as clear as possible. To make sure that Rick will get nowhere near her, the star has in fact got a restraining order against her estranged husband. 

Pamela Anderson filed for divorce from Rick last month. Allegedly, the divorce papers state that Rick caused the beautiful star “severe emotional distress.” Pamela claimed that Rick has “engaged in repeated acts of harassment and abuse.” The fact that Rick and Pamela have always been a troubled couple is no secret. However, it seems that they reached a new point in their relationship where things are no longer repairable. 

So, according to the divorce papers, Rick has been physically and emotionally abusive with his wife. The allegations formulated against her ex are quite serious. Reports indicate that Pamela’s divorce papers detailed an event when Rick Salomon was abusive with her during sex. Allegedly, Rick tried to strangle Pamela, while also being verbally abusive. Moreover, the papers state that Salomon invaded Pamela’s privacy, as he read her emails and threatened to share some private images of hers, to be able to control her actions. 

The restraining order issued against Rick prevents him from containing Pamela in any way. However, it is yet to find out if the allegations formulated by Pamela will be proved or not. Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon are well known for their on and off romance. The two have divorced once before, but they finally managed to repair their romance. However, although the couple separated two time until now, such allegations were never formulated. 

Pamela and Rick were first married between 2007 and 2008. However, the marriage of the two stars was later annulled. They rekindled their love and married once again in January 2014. Still, only six months later, Pamela filed once again for divorce. However, she later changed her mind and the divorce papers were withdrawn. Last month, Pamela managed to cause a new scandal, as she refused to allow Rick’s daughter to enter her home, where she lived before her father separated from the famous actress, to pick up her things. 

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