Pamela Anderson files for Divorce, Again

Apparently, things are once again close to an end between Pamela Anderson and her husband Rick Salomon. The celebrity couple is well-known for their on and off romance. Well, Pamela recently filed for divorce, but when it comes to this couple, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the end of their relationship. 

Actually, this is the third time when the star files the divorce papers to separate from Rick. The couple wedded back in 2007. However, they decided to separate soon after the happy event, as they filed for an annulment only two months after the wedding. Well, it seems that the couple wanted to give their love one more try, so they wedded for the second time in January 2014. Still, this wasn’t the perfect time for the two to wed, either, as they separated after a few months. 

Pamela and Rick managed to repair their romance once again, so they reconciled sometime during the summer. They decided to drop the divorce, although Pamela filed the papers for their legal separation. Soon after, the actress was asked about her relationship and claimed that they were finally “doing fine.” However, it surely looks that this is a couple that cannot stay together, although they cannot stay apart, either. Now, Rick and Pamela have separated once again. 

Sources claimed that Pamela filed the divorce papers just once day after they separated. So, there are great chances for the two to reconcile again. Naturally, the question that raises in this context is who is the one to blame for the fact that the two cannot be happy? Sources claimed that Pamela is actually the reason why the relationship keeps on failing. 

One source revealed that the popular actress “doesn’t know what she wants and he’s too nice for her.” The same source explained that the star just “likes bad boys.” However, another source revealed that the Baywatch star might “pull it back again. It is always on and off,” naturally referring to the fact that Pamela Anderson might decide at any moment to withdraw the divorce papers. So, it is yet to find out if the two will repair their marriage or they will go on with the divorce.

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