Pamela Anderson Dating Julian Assange?

Pamela Anderson Dating Julian Assange?

Famous actress Pamela Anderson is creating some new headlines. According to these latest rumors, the popular star could be dating Julian Assange. The rumors emerged after it appeared that Pamela and Julian have a very close relationship.

So, Pamela was spotted visiting Julian five times in the past four months, thus, there is no wonder that the rumors emerged. The actress was spotted paying these visits to the Wikileaks founder at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London.

Julian Assange has surely become widely known as the founder of the Wikileaks. He has been staying at the Ecuadorean Embassy for the last five years. The embassy offered him protection and asylum. Julian recognized that he risks extradition to the United States because of his activity when it comes to Wikileaks. Well, in the past few months, he seems to have found a new friend, Pamela Anderson. She was spotted at the embassy on several occasions, including also one time when she was seen with a bag full of Whole Foods groceries.

A source talking to Page Six claimed that the Baywatch star was actually wearing some sexy outfits when she visited Julian. When it comes to what the two have in common, well, it has been claimed that their passion for Russia could have united them. Pamela surely managed to create some headlines recently when she said that she would love to become a Russian citizen. On the other hand, Julian has always been linked to Russia.

He is believed to have connections with the Kremlin and it has been claimed that he worked with some Russian hackers. Furthermore, Pamela has been making some appearances in Russia, while a source claimed that Julian is actually a fan of the beautiful actress.

As imagined, there were no comments made by the two about this report. However, this is not the only thing that has been rumored regarding the actress. Pamela also managed to create some headlines with her new look. When being spotted at a gala in Paris, Pamela looked very young with minimal makeup on her face. Without a doubt, Pamela looked very fresh and beautiful with this change.

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