Palace To File Criminal Complaint Over Kate Middleton’s Topless Pics

The Associated Press reports that Britain’s palace will file criminal complaint against the French magazine which published Kate Middleton’s topless pics. The royal family described the act as a violation of intimacy and they plan to seek justice in court. 

William’s office released a report on Sunday saying that the lawyers of the royal family will file a criminal complaint against the photographer who took topless pics of Duchess Kate Middleton last week. Both the young couple and the elderly members of the royal family felt their intimacy had been violated when the French photographer spied on Kate while she was sunbathing in the South of France.

It is not only the photographer who will be held responsible for his deeds, but also the French magazine. The lawyers representing the British leaders have already filed a civil lawsuit against “Closer”, France’s publication which published the paparazzi’s photos.

The name of the photographer of photographers who have taken snapshots of the young couple during their stay at a private villa in Provence remain unknown for the moment. Nevertheless, the Palace announced that they will make a complaint letting French prosecutors decide whether they should pursue a criminal case for breach of privacy and trespassing.

The legal battle against the Italian media group Mondadori has already started. Mondadori is the publisher of the French mag “Closer” and the Italian publication “Chi”. Italy’s gossip magazine announced on Friday that they will publish 26 pages with topless photos of the Duchess on Monday, so the lawyers are now seeking an injunction against Mondadori, owned by former Italian Premier, Silvio Berlusconi.

Unlike the aforementioned publications, British tabloids refused to release the denigrating photos of Kate Middleton. Moreover, they have all rallied to criticize the French magazine for invading the duchess’ privacy. The current position British magazines have adopted stands in contrast to the reception of naked photos illustrating Prince Harry at a party in Las Vegas. Those photos were first published by the Sun and immediately shared by other British tabloids.

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