Pakistan To Conduct Fifth Missile Test

Pakistan tested its fifth nuclear missile on Tuesday, according to a recent report published by the Associated Press. The testing came after India launched a new weapon capable of hitting China six weeks ago.

India and Pakistan have led many wars against each other since they first gained their independence from Britain in 1947. The rivalry between the two states continues, especially now that India has launched a weapon which is capable, according to the declarations of the officials, to hit China. On Tuesday, however, Pakistan performed new tests for its fifth missile.

The nuclear-capable missile produced in Pakistan is called Hatf VII and it can reach a range of 700 kilometers, that is, 440 miles. Based on the description provided by the military forces, the missile can carry conventional warheads and has stealth capabilities.

There are many features that have been improved for the missile. Officials have described it as “low flying, terrain hugging missile with high maneuverability”. In addition, the weapon was endowed with “pinpoint accuracy” and “radar avoidance features” which make it the perfect war missile.

This is the fifth test that Pakistan has performed since the creation of the missile. The last one took place on April 25. India military forces proved they are equally prepared by test firing their new missile, Agni V. The weapon may be used to deliver nuclear warhead of up to one tonne on the entire territory of India’s geopolitical rival, China.

The recent tests should not make people worry about a possible conflict between these states. Similar examinations have taken place both in India and Pakistan since they both proved they can produce nuclear weapons in 1998. Despite this, some analysts fear that India might be tempted to use its strategies against China, whereas Pakistan is carefully studying its neighbor’s move.


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