P. Diddy Associated to Tupac’s Death

Tupac has passed away many years ago, but his memory and his music remain alive in the mind and heart of his fans. Well, even though a lot of time has passed, much speculation continues to be associated to Tupac’s death. 

Now, it has been claimed that famous rapper P. Diddy might have had a part in this tragic event. Of course, the famous rapper denied any involved in the death of Tupac. Well, now, a new story surfaced on this mysterious assassination. A former Los Angeles cop claimed in a new documentary movie that he found out what happened when Tupac died. 

He claimed that the assassination was mastermind by Diddy, who actually paid someone to eliminate his rival in the music world. The statements were made by former LAPD detective Greg Kading, who said that Duane Keith Davis received no less than $1 million from Diddy to murder Tupac and his manager Suge Knight. However, it wasn’t Davis personally who shut Tupac, but his nephew was the one who pulled the trigger. 

Tupac Shakur was murdered in Las Vegas, in September 1996. His death actually remained an unsolved case, so exactly what happened and who assassinated him still remain a mystery. A lot of speculation has surrounded this subject and the controversy enhanced after Diddy’s close friend, Notorious B.I.G., was also killed in a shooting. Immediately after, it has been said that this shooting was actually orchestrated by Suge Knight, who survived the shooting and hired someone to kill Biggie.

Well, P. Diddy has not been associated to Tupac’s shutting now for the first time. In fact, back in 2002 the LA Times also published an article claiming that Diddy’s boys were the ones who shut the rapper five times in New York City. Then, Tupac survived. Naturally, Diddy denied the story. The LA Times finally redrew the whole story. 

All the findings of the LAPD officer revealed now will be shared in a documentary movie that is set to be featured on Netflix this spring. The officer claimed that the LAPD did not accuse Diddy because of his celebrity status, but he was determined to make light in this case. 

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