Ownership Of Bob Dylan’s Historic Guitar In Dispute

The ownership of one of Bob Dylan’s historic guitars is the subject of a recent dispute after two different parties claim to have it. The daughter of the band’s pilot says the rock ‘n’ roll instrument has been in her possession for more than 40 years, whereas Bob Dylan’s lawyers claim the electric guitar never left the artist’s collection, says the Associated Press.

The electric guitar that Bob Dylan used during the Newport Folk Festival in 1965 is one of the most important instruments in the history of rock ‘n’ roll. Bob Dylan used the instrument to encourage people to make a change at a time when rock ‘n’ roll music was rejected by most folk purists. Thus, it is not the sound or the design that make the Fender Stratocaster electric guitar so popular, but rather its symbolism.

The guitar is back in the media’s attention after almost half a century because a woman in New Jersey claims the original guitar has been in her family’s attic since the 1965 concert. According to her, Bob Dylan gave the electric original guitar to her dad, who used to fly the band to appearances in the 1960s. The historic instrument was kept in her family’s attic ever since, the woman added in the end of her declaration.

Bob Dylan’s legal representatives deny everything that the woman has said. They have stated that the famous guitar decorated with an unprecedented sunburst design has always been in the artist’s collection. As a consequence, a special commission was formed to analyze the two instruments and determine who has the original.

The subject of the electric guitar will also be disputed during PBS’ edition of “History Detectives” on Tuesday. Investigators have taken a look at the two guitars and they told the press on Wednesday evening that the New Jersey pilot could, indeed, have the original instrument. If the authentic guitar is released on the market it could bring its possessor more than half a million dollars.

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