Overwhelming Win For Mitt Romney In Puerto Rico Primary

As the recent primary results haven’t been exactly what Mitt Romney was hoping for, the overwhelming win in the Puerto Rico primary is a change of pace. Reinforced by his latest win, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney feels ever more confident he’ll be the nominee.

Early Monday morning the results for the Puerto Rico primary were clear. Mitt Romney has once again set himself apart from the crowd and left Rick Santorum behind once again. CNN writes that data from local party and election officials show that Mitt Romney received 83 percent of total ballots.

With over 98,000 votes, Mitt Romney’s overwhelming win in Puerto Rico is a big blow for the other front runner senator Rick Santorum. The senator managed to come second, with only a difference of 9,500 votes separating him from the win.

Meanwhile, the other two Republican candidates still in the race have lost most support as well as media coverage, as it has become obvious that voters are conflicted about choosing between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum. A lot of people have argued that Rick Santorum’s recent success is proof that Mitt Romney still hasn’t convinced the large majority of voters.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich remains unseen in polls. In the Puerto Rico primary he only managed to get 2 percent of the total votes, with a number of 2,431. Texas Representative Ron Paul scored even less, with 1 percent of the vote and 1,452.

Mitt Romney appeared thrilled with his successful results. He said it is obvious he is the candidate that most represents voters’ feelings. While people in Puerto Rico were giving their votes, all candidates were already preparing for the next primaries in Illinois and Louisiana.

The competition between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum becomes ever more cut throat as they head into the second half of the Republican nomination race. Mitt Romney is confident he will win the nomination, as his recent speech reads: “I can’t tell you exactly how the process is going to work, but I bet I’m going to become the nominee. I sure hope I’m going to become the nominee, and if I am, I’m going to be a strong nominee”.

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