Oscars 2014: Brad Pitt was one of the Winners

The Oscars are not only about offering awards for the best movies of the year. The ceremony is a huge event at which many stars receive recognition for their projects. One of those stars was in 2014 Brad Pitt.  

The biggest winner of the night was 12 Years a Slave, the movie which won Best Picture. Of course, Brad Pitt, the producer of the movie was extremely happy with this achievement. Moreover, the star said it actually is very important to understand our history to realize better who we are. 

Brad Pitt went on to explain that he actually loves this movie. The star said that this is a “heroic story of a man of an inhumane situation trying to get back to his family.” The actor went on to add that this is a critical history lesson. 

“At the end of the day, we just hope this film remains a gentle reminder that we’re all equal, we all want the same – we want dignity and opportunity for ourselves and our family,” Brad Pitt said. “And that another’s freedom is every bit as important as our own,” the famous actor added. 

Pitt went on to say that this is an amazing time for the entire team, adding that it is a very exciting moment of them. He explained that the entire team who worked at this project was great, being extremely proud to be able to create this amazing movie. 

In fact, Pitt was just so happy that their movie won that the actor even kissed Steve McQueen on the lips. Pitt surprised everyone, even the director of 12 Years a Slave, who surely did not expect to receive such a kiss from the actor. “I think I just made every man and some women jealous,” the director said. And Pitt claimed: “just so you know, you were my first.”

And if Brad Pitt was extremely happy with his win, Angelina Jolie said to be very proud of her life partner. Brad Pitt also made an appearance in the movie. Both Angelina and Brad looked very elegant on the red carpet. The celebrity couple has 6 children. 

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