Oscar 2014 stories: Lupita Nyong’o Overwhelmed by Win

Even though it wasn’t that shocking to see Lupita Nyong’o winning the Oscar for best supporting actress, it seems that the star was quite overwhelmed with this win. 

The 12 Years a Slave star gave all the credit to the director of the movie and claimed that she really did not expected to be the winner. So, even though she was one of the favorites, Lupita was in shock when she received the award. 

“I’m a little dazed, I can’t believe this is in my hands. I can’t believe this is real life. I’m just, I don’t, know, I’m really overwhelmed,” the star said in her acceptance speech. The star went on to explain that even though she heard many predictions saying she will win, the shock is still great. 

“I haven’t wrapped my mind around it yet. You hear people wanting you to win and predicting you’ll win, and everything, but it’s just not real until you hear (the presenter) say your name,” Lupita Nyong’o also said. The star added that she is just really happy. 

The talented actress, went to praise director Steve McQueen, claiming that he did an extraordinary job on this movie. Naturally, the star also thanked all her fans for their support. And she mentioned the fans in Kenya, who showed their support for the actress with a giant Good Luck canvas. 

Lupita Nyong’o also shared the fact that she has great parents, who are always there for her. The Oscar award winning actress said that her dad was among the first persons to congratulate her. Lupita did not only prove to have a great acting talent, but the star also showed modesty. She held her speech with tears in her eyes. 

If Lupita Nyong’o was one of the big winners of the night, we can say the same about Matthew MacConaughey, who had a quite impressive acceptance speech. The actor tanked God for gracing his life with opportunities. He also thanked his family and showed his love and appreciation for his late father. 

Matthew MacConaughey own the award for Best Actor, beating stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale, who were among the favorite at this award. 

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