Oscar 2014 Stories: Leonardo DiCaprio the Biggest Loser of the Night

As soon as the Best Actor was announced at the 2014 Oscar Awards Ceremony, reports emerged naming Leonardo DiCaprio the biggest loser of the night. 

Even though DiCaprio was one of the favorites to win an Oscar, it seems that this night wasn’t his lucky one, either. This is the fourth time when the actor is nominated for an Oscar award, but is unable to win the honor. 

The 86th Oscar ceremony was the 10th for DiCaprio, but unfortunately for the star another Academy Awards ceremony that brought him no Oscar award. So, even though The Wolf of Wall Street star is one of the most praised actors at the moment, it seems that he still is incapable of winning an Oscar. 

The first Oscar nomination for Leo dates back to 1994, when the actor was nominated for his role in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. Back then, the star received a nomination in the Best Supporting Actor category. Unfortunately for Leo, he lost the award in front of Tommy Lee Jones. 

In 2005, Leonard DiCaprio was once again nominated at the Oscars, but this time in Best Actor category. The nomination came for his role in The Aviator, a movie by Martin Scorsese. However, back then the winner was Jamie Fox for his role in Ray. In 2007, Leonardo was once again nominated at the Oscars for the role in Blood Diamond, but with no win. 

The role in The Wolf of Wall Street was actually described by many critics as the best role in Leonardo DiCaprio’s career. So, there is no wonder that everyone expected this to be the lucky year for the star. However, the winner was Matthew McConaughey for his role in Dallas Buyers’ Club. McConaughey actually starred alongside DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street, too. 

As Matthew McConaughey was announced to be the winner, DiCaprio hurried to give his colleague a hug and to congratulate him. After all, the actor managed to mask his disappointment, although his reaction might have been too much. Some reports even claim that Leonardo DiCaprio had tears in his eyes while he found out who the winner was. 

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