Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber get into a Fight

Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber have gotten into a confrontation over Miranda Kerr. Reports reveal that the two stars have actually started this fight for the beautiful model. 

It all happened at Cipriani, Ibiza, in Spain, on Wednesday morning. Many reports revealed that Orlando Bloom was the one to start the confrontation, after the Baby singer made a rude comment about Miranda Kerr. Miranda, the beautiful Victoria’s Secret model, actually is the former wife of famous Hollywood star Orlando Bloom. 

E! News reported that Orlando was having dinner with Leornado DiCaprio, when Justin Bieber walked in. The actor refused to shake hands with Bieber and it seems that this was extremely bothering for the singer. Then, Bieber said something “rude to Orlando, like, ‘She was good.’” However, not all sources confirm this. 

Some actually say that Bieber said nothing about Orlando Bloom or his former wife Miranda Kerr. “Justin didn’t even know Orlando was there. But when they saw each other, it was Orlando who was just being an a–hole to Justin,” the source claimed. 

“Justin was being cordial to the guy, but then Orlando took a swing and missed. That’s when Justin mouthed off to him—but only after Orlando took the swing,” another source revealed. Well, it is yet to discover which of these rumors are accurate. 

It has been claimed that the confrontation of the two was caught on video, which ended up on Facebook. The video shows the two stars getting into a fight and being separated only by the crowd and their staff. It has been reported that Bloom threw the first punch, but he missed. So, there was no contact between the two. After that, Bieber can be heard on the video yelling “What’s up bitch?” 

As imagined, reps for Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom decided to not comment on this incident. So, it is yet to find out why the two stars got into this argument and if Miranda Kerr really is the reason why Bloom tried to punch Justin.

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