Original Superman Comic Book Sells for $3.2 Million

The original Superman comic book has sold with an impressive sum of money. The first comic book that introduced Superman has sold for no less than $3.2 million. The book was sold through an auction that ran on eBay. 

The sale for this impressive sum of money has actually set a new record, as no other comic book has been sold with such a great sum. The previous record was obtained by a copy of Action Comics, which sold for $2.161 million. This copy of a comic book was actually sold in 2011 by famous actor Nicholas Cage. 

Well, it has been reported that the buyer of this original Superman comic is Comic Connect, an online marketplace for comic book collectors. The original comic sold for 10 cents in West Virginia, at the newsstand, back in 1938. This copy of Auction Comics No. 1 features a caped Superman lifting an automobile. It was initially printed in over 200,000 copies. It is believed that only about 100 of these copies still survive today. 

“This book is like a museum piece,” Darren Adams said according to the Washington Post, saying that this is one of the best preserved copies of the famous superhero story. Adams claims that the comic book’s provenance is in a YouTube video. 

This copy of the 1938 Superman comic book actually had an interesting history. It was purchased off a newsstand in 1938 and stored in a chest for four decades. After the death of this initial buyer, a collector found the book and purchased it from the estate. After that, the comic book has had different owners and more than 30 years later, it was purchased by Darren Adams. “It wasn’t just a copy of Action Comics No. 1. It wasthe copy,” the man said. “I was floored. The emotion was overwhelming,” he added. 

He paid quite a great sum of money for this comic book, but he managed to sell it with much more. Darrell Adams claimed that he will donate 1 percent of the sale to a foundation which deals with patients suffering from spinal-cord injury. 

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