Oprah Winfrey To Star In “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”

Oprah Winfrey got along very well with the three sisters when she invited them during her show and they have thus, set the grounds of a new friendship. The famous TV show host has even agreed to star in “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, according to Us Weekly.

Oprah Winfrey and the Kardashians don’t seem to have anything in common at the first sight. However, the first meeting between the TV show host and the reality TV stars on OWN turned out to be surprisingly good, so the four celebrities agreed to collaborate again in the future.

Apparently, it was Khloè who truly knocked Oprah off her feet with her highly developed sense of humor. According to Winfrey’s declarations, Lamar Odom’s wife made her laugh throughout her entire stay in the show. This statement meant a lot for Khloè considering that Oprah is her favorite TV presenter.

Given the powerful friendship between the two, the television mogul decided to pay the Kardashians a favor and agreed to show up in their next season. Her reps told the press that the agreement has already been signed, so we will soon be able to see Oprah from a totally different perspective.

Winfrey further stated that it wasn’t just Khloè who impressed her, but the three sisters together. She was particularly impressed by Kim’s power to overcome her recent divorce. The voluptuous brunette told Oprah during the interview that she is willing to accept the mistake she has made and to move on with her life. Kim was not as bothered by the fact that her marriage lasted only 72 days as she was by the accusations that people have brought against her. She responded to everyone that she has learnt her lesson and will do her best to avoid similar mistakes in the future. Moreover, she was glad she had to go through a similar experience because she was thus able to become wiser.

Oprah stated that Kim’s declaration was so perfect that she felt like crying. She realized there are many things people could learn from the three sisters, which is why she will join forces with them in future projects.

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