Oprah’s trainer, on Thanksgiving healthy habits

Bob Greene, Oprah’s trainer, gives some tips about Thanksgiving healthy habits, regarding diet and exercise. He says that the main idea is to think about healthy living as a habit, just the way you see brushing your teeth.  And to not scare you off completely, here is one important thing you may not have known: holiday meals are “some of the healthiest meals”, Greene says.

Oprah’s trainer, Bob Greene believes that the foods we eat on holidays, including Thanksgiving, are some of the healthiest foods we eat all year. “A traditional turkey dinner, if it’s done right, is a very healthy dinner”.  But what we should be careful about is the amount of food that we ingest. Greene says that stuffing yourself, thinking that “Oh, yeah, I’ll get on the bandwagon January 1st and I’ll go to the gym” is not working. His 30-year-experience backs it up.
According to Greene, it’s not the food that we have to work on, or the physical exercise. It’s our thoughts that have to change. Instead of thinking that we “have to” be on a diet of that we “have to” exercise, we should get into that mind frame that says “I love to move, I’ can’t wait to work out.”

This may seem very hard at the beginning, but Greene says that all of us have to start with a simple step.  “Don’t negotiate your exercise”, he says. “It … might be something you hate to do, but don’t negotiate it. It’s part of every day”.  By not negotiating, he means do not make up excuses so you would work out less or not work out at all. Not even on Thanksgiving!

“Get like 20 minutes, a half hour in, and be done with it, and feel great the rest of the day”. It already seems simpler and easier to do, right?

Good luck!

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  1. Thanks for the holiday tip Bob. I agree that you have to make diet and exercise a habit and not something you have to do. It will become fun and second nature if you don’t think about it as a chore but let it become a hobby and don’t make excuses. Thirty minutes of working out is not difficult and you will find yourself done in no time once you start.

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