Oprah’s Favorite Things List Of 2012 Is Out

We were all thrilled about Oprah’s Favorite Things list of 2012 coming out today, hoping she’s going to have some great ideas for affordable and amazing Christmas gifts. But I’ve got say, Oprah’s Favorite Things of 2012 are a bit too much for what I’m planning to spend on my family and friends.

Oprah Winfrey should have called her Favorite Things list what it really is: a list of expensive, sparkly items that only celebrities and wealthy people with money to throw away could afford. Sure, there are things in there that aren’t too fabulous or too unnecessary. And now that the O December issue is available and so is the Favorite Things list we can gaze at some expensive unnecessary gifts we would never buy for our friends or family unless they’re Rockefellers.

“Oprah picked and planned, tasted and touched, sniffed and snuggled her way through hundreds of items” reads her site about the release of the Favorite Things list. I wonder how Oprah picked and touched and tested the $1,800 Jetson bicycle… Anyway, at least there’s a chance you can win some of that glamorous items, such as 6 different truffle-flavored foods, or a $450 Kardashian pedestal for the fans.

Talking about outrageously expensive and unnecessary items on that list, you might never actually consider buying 14 bars at $238 just because they are “luxuriously oversize”. Oprah, however, seems to think that the average American families that take her advice have that much money to spend on a soap that isn’t going to get rid of your wrinkles or make your skin super silky.

So, let’s see what you can get under $100 from Oprah’s Favorite Things. You can buy for yourself or your mom, sister a set of 12 toxin-free nail polished made exclusively for Oprah’s magazine and sold on julep.com at $84 with w/code OPRAH. Or you can hit Macy’s for a set of four porcelain bowls at an actual affordable price: $20.

For $34 with w/code OPRAH you can buy from carouselcakes.com a Blue Velvet Cake with cream cheese icing or pay $25 at corkcicle for a wine gadget. The corkcicle makes a great gift for your friends who love wine since it keeps the wine cool without much trouble.

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  1. Dear Oprah Winfrey

    I would love to win some of your favorite things And i wish i could be their with everyone,I live in Chicago,I will be watching to see what you are giving away.I tryed to get on your show when you was here in Chicago,never could.Love Carolyn From Chicago,

  2. Dear Ms Wiffrey

    I would love to win whatever favorite things I can. I have watched your show for years. I just love watching your favorite things. Every one on the show is so thrilled. I ‘m watching form home and I am thrilled for them. I hope that i am lucky enough to win something. Gerlene in Petersburg Va.

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