Online Theft Increases, New Study Shows

A new study shows a rather interesting fact. It seems that the number of online thefts have increased a lot in the most recent years. 

So, the new study reveals that the number of Americans who have become victims of personal information stealing increased spectacularly. Moreover, the new report released by Pew Research Center revealed that about 18 percent of online adults have found themselves in such a situation. 

The new study was released on Monday. The study shows that an impressive number of people had their online information stolen. This information can include their social security number, as well as they bank account information and their credit card. 

The study indicates that the 18 percent established at this point actually is an increase compared to the 11 percent registered last year, in July. Naturally, there are also cases when individuals have had their online accounts compromised. This may include email or social media accounts. The number of such victims has remained flat, the study shows, at 21 percent. 

A series of cases of online thefts have been registered in 2013, as well as 2014. One of the most famous such cases involves a big name, Target Corp. Target was the victim of a huge data breach before Christmas. The famous company was attacked by thieves who managed to steal the data of more than 70 million people. 

It has been reported that data included 40 million debit and credit card numbers, as well as other important information. Maybe the results of this news study, which are quite concerning will determine more companies to be extremely careful at the way the information of its users is protected. 

The truth is that the amazing exchange of information makes it quite simple for bad intentioned people to access the data of other individuals and to use them for whatever purposes. Naturally, the damage that can be created this way can be spectacular. All companies and online platforms are advised to take measures to better protect the data of its users. This way, cases such as the one in which Target was involved can be avoided.

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