OnePlus One to Be Revealed in April

OnePlus One is going to be fully revealed on April 23. This means that in just one month, fans will be able to discover this much expected smartphone.

OnePlus revealed the happy news on its official forums, saying that the highly expected One smartphone will be presented to the public on April 23.

Even though fans will be able to discover more about this product on this announced date, the fact is that there is no word yet on when the smartphone will start to be available in sale. The only thing that OnePlus revealed when it comes to this aspect is the fact that the new device will go on sale in the Q2 timeframe.

Naturally, fans are willing to find out when this product will be available for purchase. Still, this is something that the company has yet to announce. Until then, we can discover what the smartphone will feature. In the past few months OnePlus has decided to reveal various aspects about the specifications of the new phone.

The new smartphone will be a 5.5-inch device, with 1080p display, quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor, as well as 13-megapixel camera. 16GB and 64GB smartphones are going to be available at OnePlus. The new smartphone will come with non-removable 3100mAh battery, which will offer the device quite a good battery life.

A very interesting aspect about the new phone is that it features a bigger display than the one of Samsung Galaxy S5, but when it comes to size, it actually is smaller. So, the device is quite a unique release. Its design is considered to be one of its key features, which will surely manage to draw the attention of customers.

Some reports indicate that OnePlus One will come at an affordable price, so it might become an option for anyone. Certain reports reveal the product will be in the sub $400 price tag, which would surely make this phone a quite interesting release. It is yet to see how many fans the new product will have and if it will turn out being a success, as OnePlus surely hopes.

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