One World Trade Center Is The Biggest Skyscraper In NY

What’s the biggest skyscraper in New York you ask? Simple and obvious question, the answer is the One World Trade Center. It’s been a while before the World Trade Center towers could reclaim their title as the biggest in New York, but now Empire State Building just lost its temporary status.

Yes, it’s true, the One World Trade Center isn’t the tallest in the country, but it does stand among the five tallest buildings in America. Since its destruction in 2011, the Empire State Building took the One World Trade Center’s place as the tallest building in New York. As of this Monday, April 30, One World Trade Center reclaimed its ranking as the biggest skyscraper in New York.

This Monday, workers on the One World Trade Center site finished installing the missing piece of the skyscraper masterwork. Workers have added to the building steel columns that brought the overall height of the iconic building just a little bit over 1,250 feet and thus putting the Empire State Building on second place once again.

Don’t imagine the project has finished. The One World Trade Center will be concluded most likely next year. The project says that by the time it will be finished, the One World Trade Center will become the tallest building the United States has. Not to mention that once the tip of the towers will be finished ( the addition is referred to as the Freedom Tower) the new One World Trade Center will be the third tallest building in the world.

At the moment, the tallest building in the United States is to be found in Chicago. The Willis Tower tops the list at 1,451 feet high. If Willis Tower doesn’t ring a bell, the same cannot be told of the building’s old name the Sears Tower. The building was renamed in 2009, taking on the name of Willis Group, an insurance broker active worldwide.

Chicago carries one other tall building, ranking the second in the country. The Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago was completed in 2009. The building is 1,389 feet high and 92 stories with 486 luxury residential condominiums. Sounds quite impressive, doesn’t it?

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