One of FBI’s Most Wanted Fugitives May Be Hiding Among Mormons

Jason Derek Brown has been on FBI’s most wanted fugitive list for the past five years, but authorities have been looking for him since 2004. An FBI spokesperson says that the fugitive may have been hiding among Mormons.

In November 2004, Jason Derek Brown was charged with murder and armed robbery in Phoenix. Three years later, the FBI was putting Jason Derek Brown on its Ten Most Wanted List. In a statement for The Salt Lake City Tribune, the FBI agent Lance Leising said that it is possible Jason Derek Brown has been hiding for the past eight years in a Mormon community.

“With the commonness of his name and how he looks, like a surfer dude in California, we’ve had more tips [about this] fugitive than any other on America’s Most Wanted. It’s caused us to chase leads all around the world” the FBI agent told The Salt Lake City Tribune. It was also Jason Derek Brown’s familiarity with the Mormon culture that could have made it so easy to blend in such a community.

“It’s a possibility because of Jason’s familiarity with the Mormon church” said Special Agent Manuel Johnson in a statement for ABC News. “Prior to the shooting he was involved in different types of fraud, so he’s not who he claims to be and we could see him taking advantage of people” he added.

Since 2004, Jason Derek Brown hasn’t been seen or heard from. On November 29, 2004, Jason Derek Brown killed a man outside a Phoenix theater. Courier Robert Keith Palomares was shot five times in the head at close range with a .45- caliber handgun. FBI believes Brown robbed the courier of $56,000 and left the scene on a bicycle and then with his BMW.

Jason Derek Brown used to be a Mormon missionary in France, then spent a lot of time in Salt Lake City where he earned a master’s degree in international business and had even two small businesses. Although he wasn’t charged, the FBI agent suspects that the fugitive ran all kinds of scams through his businesses.

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