Olsen twins quit acting

The Olsen twins have been in the movie industry since they were 6 months which is why they have now decided to quit acting and direct their attention towards other alluring fields. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have released an interview for the April issue of Elle Magazine in which they announce their intentions to focus all their attention on the fashion industry.

The 25-year-old twins feature on the cover of the magazine, each with their own photo. In addition, they have explained reporters that they did not get involved in any television projects lately because they have grown very fond of the fashion industry. Ashley stated that she no longer wants to be in the center of attention because she has done this since she was a child and she wants to try something new. The actress told reporters that she continues to admire the Hollywood world, but if she comes back in this industry, it will not be as an actress.

Ashley’s latest appearance in a movie was in 2004 in the “New York Minute” flip. Her sister, Mary-Kate has continued to act, but her movies were highly criticized. She was a guest star on “Weeds” in 2007 and had a small role in the 2011 film called “Beastly”. Just like her twin sister, Mary-Kate thinks it is right for her to make a change in her life and step away from the spotlight.

Elizabeth & James and The Row is the clothing line that the Olsen twins have created in the past years. Their creations have been well-received by the fashion industry; hence, their interest in this domain. Given the success they have obtained with their designs, Mary-Kate and Ashley will continue to dedicate themselves to their new brand.

During the past years, the two actresses have requested to be treated as individuals instead of twin sisters, which is why Elle magazine created two different covers for each one of them. Even though the “Full House” stars are willing to take separate projects, they reassured everyone that they continue to have a very close relationship and that nothing would ever split them.

Their younger sister, Elizabeth Olsen, seems to be increasingly more interested in the Hollywood industry. She played Martha in the 2011 production “Martha Marcy May Marlene” and is now releasing her new movie “Silent House”.

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