Olsen Sisters Launch Expensive Line Of Bags

Mary Kate And Ashley Olsen, the famous Hollywood twins, have proven that they can be great fashion designers, not just actresses. The Olsen sisters have recently launched an expensive line of bags produced in collaboration with British artist Damien Hirst, according to Reuters.

The Olsen/Hirst collection was designed only for the members of the high society, judging by the large sum of money that designers are requesting in exchange of their bags. The collection contains only 12 handbags which will be released for sale on 12/12/12. Neither the two sisters, nor the designer have given any explanation in relation to the significance of the figure 12 that was extensively used in the promotion of the new line.

Mary Kate and Ashley told the press that the handbags will be sold for $55,000 each. The highly expensive price tag is partially determined by the qualitative products that the designer has used and partially by their very limited run. The handbags will be sold exclusively on Just One Eye, next Wednesday, but analysts expect people to buy them all by the end of the day.

Those who will opt to pay $55,000 for the handbag will also benefit of good quality products. The handbags were made entirely out of black leather from Nile crocodiles and they were accessorized with prescription pills of different sizes, colors and shapes. The idea of using colorful pills to enliven the aspect of the bags was suggested by the controversial British designer.

Since the Olsen sisters love casual outfits so much, the handbags were purposefully elaborated in order to be easily transformed in backpacks. Just One eye described them as being easily customizable depending on clients’ preferences. Thus, buyers can detach the handle, can adjust the canvas straps and use the internal zip pockets as additional storing places.

All of the bags that have been included in the collection called “Prescription Pills” are signed by Hirst. For Mary Kate and Ashley, this is not the first expensive bag they create. The two sisters designed a $39,000 handbag last year for The Row and it was immediately sold.

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