Olivier Martinez Confirms Engagement To Halle Berry

French actor Olivier Martinez has confirmed his engagement to actress Halle Berry during an interview he released on Saturday for the Miami Herald newspaper. The announcement came after numerous publications have speculated that the two lovers are preparing to tie the knot this year.

Martinez was in Miami this weekend to take part at the opening of his South Beach restaurant. Reporters took the opportunity to ask him whether the recent ring that Halle Berry wears on her finger is meant to symbolize their engagement or not. The actor replied that the engagement rumors are true, thus casting aside all doubts.

The engagement ring was first noticed in January 2012, but the two actors remained discrete about their private lives. Martinez has finally admitted that the ring was a gift from him and it was bought from jeweler Robert Mazlo in the actor’s native Paris. Fashion critics have speculated that the emerald ring was created by Gurhan, but Martinez explained that he preferred Roberto Mazlo because he has designed jewelry for queens and kings for many centuries.

The relationship between Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez began in 2010. Back then, the two actors were co-stars on the set of the movie called “Dark Tide”. The film is due to be released this year.

Halle Berry has been married two times before, but both marriages ended with a divorce. The first time she was married with former baseball player David Justice. Their relationship lasted from 1993 to 1997 when they decided to call it quits. Later on, in 2001, Berry tied the knot the second time with singer Eric Benet; however, their marriage lasted for only four years because in 2005 the two divorced. Berry also has a daughter, Nahla, with French-Canadian model Gabriel Aubry. The little girl turns four this month.

The 46-year-old actor has never been married before partly because he liked his bachelor life and partly because he didn’t find the right woman for him. Despite this, he was romantically involved with numerous attractive women in Hollywood including actress Mira Sorvino and singer Kylie Minogue.

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  1. This woman is a glutton for punishment, and its so very sad and obvious that she have a lot of issues. She tries to deal with her issues by going from relationship to relationship, trying to fill a void. It as if she thinks she needs a man to validate her. She needs therapy, if for no other reason she needs to be a stable role model for her daughter. I give this marriage less than a year

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