Olivia Wilde’s romance with Harry Styles continues to heat up

A fellow American who lives in London! While Olivia Wilde’s love affair and Harry Styles has continued to get hotter the Booksmart director has spoken out about being in the “really good place” in her life, and also about her cross-continental move.

I’m finally driving a vehicle. I’m very happy at it.” Wilde, 37 stated, when she spoke about her green ways of living and the current state of her life in the Vogue magazine profile released on Tuesday, 12 October. “I typically was living in New York and not needing cars However, now that I’m not there anymore and am living somewhere between L.A. and London, driving has become a way which makes me wonder”How do I plan take part in the next generation of technological advancement in a positive way? I’ve driven an electric car. I’m thinking, ‘Ah it makes me feel like a more complete human being.'”

During the interview, O.C. alumni spoke about having been at “a really good place in my life.”

“And that translated to taking care of myself better than ever,” Wilde explained. “And I’m spending my time in a way that allows me to have a generally healthier, happier lifestyle.”

The filmmaker’s latest reveal about her residence — in which Styles is also a resident — was made just days after her parents went to Styles, who is 27 years old “Kiwi” crooner’s gig at Madison Square Garden in New York City on the 3rd of October.

Although Wilde’s England native didn’t shout-out his parents’ children in the course of the program an insider said to DailyGossip during the show that as Wilde they appeared to have been “big fans of his.”

The insider also reported that the parents of the actress took pictures of the “Watermelon Crooner” musician from the crowd and were cheering him on. “It’s very obvious they’re supportive and adore him,” the source said.

The couple was a bit secluded in the year before during filming of the show Don’t worry Darling before making their relationship public in January , when they were seen holding hands at the wedding reception of Styles the manager. Their relationship has continued to grow throughout the course of the year.

“Olivia and Harry have an ease to their relationship, they love and support each other, but also let each other be free and work on their own,” an exclusive source spoke to Us during July. “Both of them respect the other’s work and never want to get in the way of each other.”

When Wilde, the “Carolina” musician kicked off his “Love on Tour” concerts in the fall of this year, Wilde has been a regular supporter, and has attended the Las Vegas stop in September and even advertising his merchandise for the show while out and about around Los Angeles one month later.

She New York native was previously engaged to Jason Sudeikis, with whom she has two children: Otis 7 and daughter Daisy 4. The couple split in November of 2020 after nine years of being together.

Much like Wilde’s transatlantic travel, Sudeikis, 46, is, for his part, had a more frequent visit to his native U.K., where he has been filming the first two as well as the upcoming third episodes of Emmy award-winning show Ted Lasso.

Via US Magazine

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