Oklahoma State’s Cowboys score epic Fiesta Bowl victory

The much awaited game between Oklahoma State and Stanford was the most important sports event at the beginning of the New Year. Based on Washington Post’s reports, the Oklahoma State’s Cowboys scored an epic Fiesta Bowl victory.

The Monday game ended one of the greatest football seasons in school history. OSU won the Fiesta Bowl with 41 points over Stanford’s 38 scored during the overtime. The competition was strong between the two teams, but the Cowboys eventually nailed the victory.

Sports analysts were impressed by the performance of football players on both teams. Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon were the most active during the game. Colton Chelf, Alex Elkins and Caleb Lavey made a good game, as well.

Weeden told the press that the team had been practicing their best moves every day. Despite this, the touchdown that Chelf prepared for the game did not come out as expected.

Blackmon had eight catches for 186 yards that were all in the second and the fourth quarters. He also registered three touchdowns. He was, nevertheless, injured during the slants and Stanford tackles he made.

Weeden amazed everyone with his 399-yard and three touchdown game. He could have scored 400 yards and four touchdowns, but the scheme he prepared with Chelf did not stay. Despite this, he will remain a legend in the Cowboys’ history due to the outstanding performance he made on the Monday game.

Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State’s couch was very proud of Brandon. He did not make too many commentaries in relation to the game except for the fact that there aren’t enough words to praise Brandon’s performance. He then added that all players were well-prepared because they managed to recover after every attack made by Stanford.

When Williamson missed the kick, the game was sent in overtime; thus, enabling the Cowboys to recover points. Gundy stated that he had a feeling the game would end well for the Oklahoma team, especially when he saw Williamson’s kick. Thanks to his second miss, the Cowboys won the Fiesta Bowl making us all say like Gundy that “It [was] a very special win”.

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