Officers Arrest Amanda Bynes Over DUI Charges

Although celebrities should know better, their partying and fabulous life gets them in trouble with the police more than their agents would like too. Several celebrities today have had their issues with the cops over alcohol intake, and according to TMZ, Amanda Bynes is the latest to make the list. Officers have arrested Amanda Bynes over DUI charges.

Everybody knows that DUI isn’t exactly the best choice, even if you’re not doing it in Texas or Arizona. However if you’re still venturing out there and you’re a celebrity at the same time, the trouble is even more complicated.  But you’d see that coming from a bad boy rapper, a former professional football player and a rock star.

Earlier this morning, as TMZ reports, former Nickelodeon actress Amanda Bynes has been arrested over DUI charges by officers in Los Angeles. The report explains that officers got on Bynes’ tale after the actress attempted to pass a cop car at West Hollywood but came to close so she kind off sideswiped the car.

At 3 a.m., officers pulled her car over and noticed the actress wasn’t exactly fit to be driving her luxurious black BMW. And the marks on both cars were also evidence enough she shouldn’t get behind the wheel to soon. So, the 26 year old actress has been detained over suspicions of DUI. When TMZ first got the scoop, the actress was still behind bars in the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station with a bail set at $5,000.

The police statement reads: “there was minor paint transfer damage to both vehicles” and “Amanda Bynes was subsequently arrested for driving under the influence and booked at West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station”.

Amanda Bynes is very familiar with the party scene in Hollywood and on several occasions paparazzi surprised her not exactly at the most fitting time. On St. Patrick’s Day TMZ cameras reported Amanda Bynes was seen leaving Greystone Manor extremely intoxicated behind the wheel of her BMW.

Earlier this year, Amanda Bynes has had another interaction with officers, this time only being issued a ticket for talking on her cell phone while driving. Apparently as the police officer was filling her ticket, the actress simply drove away. She later tweeted: “Live fast die young bad girls do it well”.

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