Octomom Strips At Florida Nightclub

Octomom Nadya Suleman has caused many more controversies after stripping at a Florida nightclub, says the Associated Press. The single mom of 14 held a 12-minute show at Playhouse Gentlemen’s Club on Friday, but the audience was quick to criticize her.

Nadya Suleman, also known as “Octomom”, has agreed to perform during a striptease show at one of the famous nightclubs in Florida. Her 12-minute appearance was, nevertheless, far from being appreciated by the public.

Nadya showed up wearing nothing but black latex bra and panties, as well as a pig-tail to make her look like an innocent, yet sexy dominatrix. The room at the Playhouse Gentlemen’s Club was soon crammed with more than 400 people who came to watch “Octomom” work the pole. They were a little bit disappointed even though they knew that Suleman was not a professional dancer like the rest of the girls in the club.

Despite this, the Playhouse patrons were satisfied with Nadya’s dancing schemes because she attracted many customers. The other girls, however, were not afraid to criticize “Octomom” as they thought she was a little bit too rigid while dancing at the pole. One of them concluded that the single mom of 14 can’t dance, but she sure knows how to draw audience helping them get extra tips through the rest of the evening.

Suleman made a lot of money during the Friday performance, but she will probably need all the help she can get now that she has 14 mouths to feed. She was paid $5,000 by Playhouse patrons and received many other tips. Suleman is now homeless because she was evicted from her La Habra, California house which will be sold at auction.

“Octomom” was supposed to do another stripping show at T’s Lounge last month, but she cancelled it because she didn’t like the employees’ comments. According to her, the bartenders described Nadya as crazy because normal people don’t give birth to 14 children. As soon as she heard the comments, the single mom cancelled the show. T’s Lounge patrons filed a lawsuit in order to prevent Nadya from performing at their competitor, Playhouse, but the court could not make any decision before her performance.

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