Octomom Prepares For Solo Sex Tape

Nadya Suleman has been making the headlines over the past few weeks with more and more disturbing news. First, it was the trouble with the $600 haircut, then the Child Services investigation and on top of everything the bankruptcy filing. Now, octomom shocks once again. She is preparing for a solo sex tape that will help her cover some of her $1 million debt.

A lot of celebrities benefit from a great opportunity if they lose everything they have. They can build their wealth back by taking their popularity in the porn industry. Many celebs have been proposed more than once to join the ranks of porn stars, but being on the brink of success makes them dismiss such financially tempting suggestions.

Some, like octomom Nadya Suleman have reconsidered their initial refusal. Nadya once said she’d never ever do porn to support her 14 children. I guess things changed now, and when the times are hard, opportunities like that can change a lot.

Octomom Nadya Suleman faces a $1 million debt. But thank God for the very resourceful porn industry. At the moment, the brunette is preparing for a solo sex tape. In fact, as Daily Mail writes she even shot some scenes all ready, all in the hope of a big pay day.

The 36 year old mother of 14 has chosen a mansion in the San Fernando Valley for her solo sex tape. Pictures taken of Nadya Suleman at the location originally showed a nervous woman, but after a few shots, the future porn star seemed to be more relaxed. Apparently she had a chat with some of the other porn actress on the location, and that calmed her down.

TMZ.com got an inside scoop from the location with a source telling them Nadya Suleman seems to be a natural. “She was a natural – she looked great” the source told TMZ. The pictures show her trying on several outfits, including one black negligee.

The first session of shooting for Nadya Suleman’s solo sex tape finished over the weekend with apparent success. She has to go back “on set” next week to continue the shooting.

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