Occupy Protesters Halt Operations At Ports

Over the past few weeks it had become clear that Occupy Wall Street did not manage to change how corporatists think, but it had managed to give the average American hope things will at some point change. While a lot of people thought the movement died, protesters are still active throughout the country. Just recently, thousands of Occupy protesters have halted operations at ports on the West Coast.

Authorities and news updates say that on Monday thousands of protesters forced shipping terminals up and down the West Coast, from Oakland, California to Portland, Oregon and Longview, Washington.

Port operator SSA Marine, grain exporter EGT and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. appear to be protesters main targets, but the primary focus remain ports, which they consider to be the “economic engines for elite”. According to demonstrators, they are making a stand for workers against the port companies.

Near Los Angeles, at the Port of Long Beach, Reuters reports that 250 to 300 people rallied in the rain at a terminal facility. Two demonstrators have been arrested.

In Bellingham, Washington, police officers arrested about 16 people who had attempted to stop trains from reaching the port there.

Associated Press reports that in Oakland, some 1,000 protesters voted to stay at the port overnight. Mayor Jean Quan asked them to go home and allow the longshoremn and truckers to go back to work. “People have to think about who they are hurting”, she said, adding that “the ruling class is probably laughing, and people in this city will be crying this Christmas. It’s really got to stop”.

In Seattle, police arrested 11 demonstrators and dispersed the protesters with flash-bang percussion grenades after blocking an entrance to Port of Seattle.

Analysts say that Monday’s sort of actions are likely to occur regularly from now on. Todd Gitlin, sociologist at Columbia University, who specializes in social movements, said: “I would assume that the action today is going to be representative of what’s going to be happening from now on”. It seems “there will be more of a tendency toward militant disruptive activity”, as well as “a number of coordinated actions and this is going to go on for months”.

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