Obesity Is Not Always Linked To Higher Heart Risks

A new study in UK contradicts pretty much everything that was said until now in relation to people suffering of obesity. According to the findings of these scientists, obesity is not always linked to higher heart risks. These are more likely to appear if the patient is suffering from other metabolic health risk factors, says Reuters.

The University of College London has studied the evolution of 22,000 middle-aged participants in order to determine whether there is a link between their overweight condition and the possible heart diseases they might develop in the future. The results have shown that people who have good metabolic health condition are not at risk of developing heart diseases. According to scientists, good metabolic health presupposes that the level of blood markers is good. Blood pressure, blood sugar, HDL, or “good” cholesterol, and C-reactive protein are the markers that are usually measured in order to determine the heart risks of a person.

Mark Hamer, a principal research associate at University, reassured people that if they have good metabolic health they are less likely to develop heart diseases even if they are obese. This means that non-obese people who are in poor metabolic shape could face just as many problems as the unhealthy obese ones. Nevertheless, Hamer encourages people to lose weight if they want to be healthier.

The findings of the study could help doctors choose a better treatment for obese people. Patients with a good metabolic state will receive drug treatments, whereas the others will lose weight only through special diets and exercises that won’t jeopardize their health.

The 20,000 respondents have been monitored for seven years to see how many participants died during this period of time and which were the factors leading to their death. At the end of the observance period, researchers found that 600 people died because of heart-related causes, whereas 1,800 from other reasons. In the end, the study aims to show doctors that it is better to think in broader terms when it comes to treating obesity instead of focusing on weight alone.

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  1. Well, not always, but mostly. Moreover death due to sleeping pills is quite high in obese people. Therefore obesity is not a choice.

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