Obama Talks About The Nicki Minaj – Mariah Carey Feud

Here we are, just one month ahead the Presidential Election and Barack Obama is talking about the “American Idol” judge feud. In a radio interview, Barack Obama talked about the Nicki Minaj – Mariah Carey feud.

Pizza Hunt is promising a life-time supply of free pizzas to the person who will ask the presidential candidates how they like their pizza, Mitt Romney wants to fire Big Bird and here we are talking about Obama’s take on the “American Idol” judges’ feud. It looks like economics and foreign policy are not as important as celebrity feuds that went nationwide.

DJ Michael “Yo” Simmons, host at the Miami radio station Y100 Friday and celebrity correspondent on E! News, began by suggesting Obama he should have pulled the Mitt Romney 47 percent video card during the first presidential debate. But only because “the media’s attention span is fairly short”.

“The fact is that everybody had already talked about it, everybody had already heard it” Obama explained about not taunting Mitt Romney with the 47 percent video. “Sometimes I err on the side of being a little too polite. But the key is, as I said, as we move forward, we are going to be making a very clear case about the choice that his country is facing” he added.

But let’s leave the boring stuff to the next presidential debate. DJ Michael “Yo” Simmons must have had a similar thought because he then asked Obama about his take on the Nicki Minaj – Mariah Carey feud.

The president was optimistic that the feud on “American Idol” will sort out by itself. “You know what, I think they are going to be able to work it out. I’m all about bringing people together” said Barack Obama.

Plus, Obama wasn’t too reserved about taking sides. Asked which of the judges is his favorite, Obama went with Mariah Carey. “She’s actually done some events for us, I’ve gotten to know her and Nick; she’s a wonderful lady” Obama told DJ Michael “Yo” Simmons.

So, where does that leave Nicki Minaj? Obama said he doesn’t know her, but he has her songs on his iPod. A few weeks ago, when Nicki Minaj rapped her endorsement for Mitt Romney, Obama explained she was just sarcastic and the “American Idol” judge thanked him on Twitter for understanding her lyrics. Still, it’s hard to imagine Barack Obama listening to Nicki Minaj’s “Starships”.

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