Obama’s Speech At The AIPAC Promises To Act On Iran

The increasing concerns regarding Iran’s decision to boost its nuclear program and its failure to abide by sanctions set in place by the European Union and the United States have been surfacing during the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). Present at the AIPAC too, Obama held a speech that promised the U.S. will take action on Iran if sanctions fail.

On Sunday, Barack Obama was present at the AIPAC meeting, one of the biggest pro Israeli groups. The president tried to convince those present the United States will stand by Israel no matter what and will step in to stop Iran from expanding its nuclear program.

Many argue that Obama’s speech and promises were just a way to throw dust in their eyes, as most Israeli officials doubt the White House will actually undergo hands on action to stop Iran’s nuclear program. However, Sunday’s speech at the AIPAC seems to have been enough to convince Deputy Prime Minister Silvan Shalom. On Monday, Silvan Shalom told the media that from his point of view the coordination between Israel and the United States is now “almost perfect”.

Israeli President Shimon Peres also appeared to be satisfied with Obama’s promises. He said on Sunday that Obama is a “good friend” to Israel and “is determined to prevent Iran from attaining nuclear weapons”. However, the Israeli government is not yet convinced that Iran hasn’t actually started expanding its nuclear weapons program.

During his speech, Obama emphasized that Israeli’s constant talk about a military strike on Iran is only enforcing Iran’s decision regarding the nuclear program. He said: “Over the last few weeks, such talk has only benefited the Iranian government, by driving up the price of oil, which they depend upon to fund their nuclear program”.

The president also explained that “now is not the time for bluster”, but it “is the time to let our increased pressure sink in”, to secure Israel, America and the rest of the world. Using Teddy Roosevelt’s piece of advice, Obama urged to “Speak softly, but carry a big stick”.

The president also explained that despite what Republican presidential candidates are telling the media, that’s not how things really are. He asked those at the AIPAC to avoid implicating partisan politics and remember that America and Israel’s securities are above that.

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