Obama’s grandmother involved in car accident

ABC News relates that President Obama’s grandmother was involved in a car accident which took place in western Kenya. Judging by the looks of the wrecked car, it is a miracle that Sarah Obama survived the incident. The 91-year-old lady is now safely recovering at her home.

Sarah Obama was driving to her home in the village of Kogelo, on Saturday night. Authorities were not able to determine the cause of the accident, but they told the press that the driver lost control and the vehicle rolled into a ditch. All five passengers did not suffer any severe traumas, but the car was almost entirely destroyed.

An ambulance was immediately sent to the place of the accident and the five passengers including Sarah’s two bodyguards were taken to the hospital. They were released a few hours later with only minor injuries. President Obama’s grandmother was bruised and shocked when she arrived at the hospital. Doctors assured everyone that it was safe for the 91-year-old lady to go home and rest.

Sarah Obama stated in an interview that she was protected by God because the consequences of the incident could have been a lot worse. She reassured everyone that she was not injured having just one small scar on her right hand. The fact that Sarah was not using a walking stick was reason enough to prove that she is healthy.

“Granny” as President Obama named her in his memoir “Dream From My Father” further added that she was called by many of her friends living as far away as the United States and the Middle East. They all wanted to make sure she was safe, so she responded to them with the Swahili phrase “Hakuna tabu!” which means ‘no problem’.

Sarah Obama is the step mother or President Barack Obama’s father. Although she doesn’t usually travel on long distances, “Granny” visited the United States of America a few times. President Obama also visited her and his three other relatives living in Kenya.

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