Obama Recalls The Fallen On Memorial Day

President Barack Obama recalled the fallen soldiers during his fourth Memorial Day, according to ABC News. The commander in chief honored the memory of those who sacrificed their lives for their country from the Vietnam until the Iraq war.

50 years ago, in January, the United States agreed to provide helicopter support to the South Vietnamese victims. The move got them involved into a 13-year conflict which led to the death of 58,000 American soldiers. The entire nation together with Obama celebrated the Vietnam heroes on Monday, as well as those who fought in more recent wars, such as, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Hundreds of people gathered at the Arlington National Cemetery across the Potomac River to hear the speech of the President. He began by telling people that American soldiers stepped through the jungles of Vietnam and the mountains of Afghanistan to protect their country. Obama explained that even though these soldiers fought at different periods of time, they nevertheless, share the same story and, most importantly, the same love for their nation.

The President insisted on reminding people that this is the first time in nine years when American troops are not fighting or dying because the Iraq war is over. The crowd responded with applauses as Obama let everyone know that the troops in Afghanistan are coming back home. In the end, he sent comforting thoughts to the families of the deceased and invited the entire nation to “shoulder a burden that nobody should have to bear alone”.

Barack Obama promised that he will never send troops “into harm’s way” unless it is really necessary to do so. If that should be the case, he will make sure that the troops will receive a clear mission and will be appreciated by the entire nation for their efforts. After the speech, Obama headed to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and laid a wreath upon it.

Many efforts are being made to provide support to war veterans and their families. Last week, the White House announced that the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, the National Park Service and the Department of Defense will start a 13-year program to honor the memory of the fallen soldiers.

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