Obama Celebrates Re-Election

Barack Obama celebrated his re-election as president on Tuesday. He began his second term with a political speech underlining his goals for the next four years. The commander-in-chief invited the Republicans to join forces with the Democratic Party for the nation’s benefit, according to the Associated Press.

Supporters of the Democrat President have many reasons to be happy as Obama nabbed another victory against the Republicans on Tuesday. Despite the lengthy and difficult campaign, Obama was successful in all 12 crucial battleground states.

Soon after the first results were communicated, Obama hurried to make another presidential speech on early Wednesday morning. Similar to his 2008 speech, the newly re-elected President thanked all Americans for the support they have shown during the campaign and the Elections Day. He promised to continue working with the leaders of the two parties for the benefit of the country and recalled some of the challenges that must be tackled within the following months.

Obama reassured everyone that America is on the right track. “Our economy is recovering, a decade of war is ending, a long campaign is now over,” he told the ecstatic crowd in Chicago. The fact that he has always paid attention to the nation’s needs and the electors’ wishes has helped Obama become a better president. As a consequence, the future of the United States looks brighter than ever now that Obama was re-elected president. Even so, when it comes to the needs of the country, politicians are no longer divided in Democrats and Republicans as they can all join forces to help America prosper.

The commander-in-chief plans to achieve deficit reduction by adopting a plan that combines tax increases with spending cuts. In addition, he will overhaul the nation’s federal immigration laws and tax reform to lower unemployment rates.

The Republican Party, headed by Mitt Romney, was not as happy as their political opponent. Romney addressed the crowd in Boston at 1 a.m. ET and stated that he and Paul Ryan did everything they could to give America an alternative to the current government. He concluded by acknowledging that America has chosen another leader and congratulated the winner.

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