NYC Serial Killer Puts Police On The Alert

The New York City Police Department has issued a warning in relation to the number eight serial killer who put them all on alert. According to a recent report published by the Associated Press, the unidentified man, who made three victims since August, might have a preference for Middle Eastern men whose addresses contain the figure eight.

After surviving the wrath of hurricane Sandy, a new threat menaces the residents of New York City. Police officers announced on Tuesday that the Big Apple might be confronting with a dangerous serial killer based on a series of links identified between three recent murders.

Three Middle Eastern men have fallen victim to the unidentified killer since July 2012. The first shopkeeper who was murdered was 65-year old Mohammed Gebeli who owned a store in Bay Ridge. The following victim, 59-year old Isaac Kadare, was found dead in August in his 99 store in Bensonhurst. Last Friday, the serial killer made another victim at the She She Boutique in Flatbush.

Police officers’ attention was drawn by numerous resemblances occurring between the three cases. First of all, ballistics testing has shown that the same .22-caliber gun was used for the killing of all the three men. In addition, the three bodies were covered or hidden in more or less the same way enabling the murderer to escape the crime scene. While there are many characteristics suggesting that the three killings were all produced by the same man, police officers don’t want to panic New Yorkers by making early assumptions.

The fact that the unidentified suspect chose different methods of killing his victims is one of the reasons why NYPD officers refrain from calling him a serial killer. One of the victims was stabbed in the neck before being shot in the head, whereas two of the victims were robbed after the murder, so police officers were unable to identify a clear pattern.

They are, nevertheless, willing to take into account every piece of information they discover during the investigation in order to identify the man. The first lead they are following is the occurrence of number eight in all of the victims’ addresses as officers think it could be of great importance to the case. In addition, the police are trying to find the identity of the man nicknamed John Doe Duffel Bag, who was spotted on surveillance cameras near She She Boutique before the incident.


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