Nvidia Shield Android TV delivers a 4K streamer

The new Nvidia Shield Android TV tries to deliver two different things that are hard to be put together in one box. The first is the world of media streamers, which are already represented on the market by Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku and Apple TV.

These devices that are already on the market are very cheap, they work great and as time passes, they grow in app support and popularity.

The second thing that Nvidia Shield homes is the gaming world. As we know, the gaming world is dominated by the most famous brands, PlayStation and Xbox. However, they are more expensive than the new Shield, but they are also considered to be more superior devices. Probably, most serious gamers own an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4, but Nvidia might turn out being a good option, too.

The new Nvidia Shield is available at the starting price of 200 dollars and comes with a limited library of apps, if we compare it with the Google Play Store for tablets and phones. However, unfortunately, it doesn’t have HBO Go, Amazon Instant Video, Spotify apps and Watch ESPN. To be mentioned that Google declared that HBO Now will come soon, along other major apps, like CBS, Fox, Vudu, Epix and others. Compared with the Nexus, Shield will come with 4K capability, which is a great plus for the device. Along the 4K capability, Shield also offers better gaming, processor specification bragging rights and enhanced connectivity. Users could also trade a standard remote for a game controller.

So, if customers already own an early 4K TV that lacks built-in 4K streaming apps, the new Nvidia Shields is worth to be tried. This device is also perfect for clients who possess a large library of Android games and want to play them on the big screen. It looks like the Android TV box is the third Nvidia Shield that the company releases. All three devices are Android devices with access to the Google Play Store’s app library. 

Nvidia Shield Android TV comes in two varieties. The first model is available at the price of 200 dollars and the Shield Pro costs 300 dollars. Shield Pro increases onboard storage from 16GB to 500GB and comes with Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

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