Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti, an incredible graphics card

It is kind of hard for anybody to come with an incredible graphics card on a market that is filled with such products. The already on the market Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 manages to defeat the Radeon R9 290X in virtually every gaming benchmark.

But with a new generation of powerful Radeons, which is set to come on the market, it will be hard for Nvidia to remain on its leading position. So, what will the company do to respond? Easy. They will not try to improve the GTX 980 already winning formula, they will actually extract what is good from the Nvidia Titan X, which is the first single-GPU graphics card capable of gaming at 4K resolution. 

The new Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti comes at the price of 650 dollars and features the same 1000MHz as the Titan X itself. The new graphics card also pack 6GB of onboard GDDR5 memory clocked at a speedy 7GHz. It also uses a wider 384-bit bus than the 4GB GTX 980.

The new GTX 980 Ti has a trio of full-seized DisplayPort connections, a dual-ling DVI and a lonely HMI 2.0 port. As for design, the new graphics card matches the same silver aesthetic Nvidia reference card that has been released since the 600-series days. Only Titan X comes with a great cool black exterior. 

Nvidia GTX 980 Ti also comes with all the usual software features standard to Nvidia’s Maxeell-based GPU’s, including Gameworks VR for virtual reality gaming, Voxel Global Illumination, Nvidia’s Multi-Frame-Sampled Anti-aliasing technology and Dynamic Super Resolution. All these features are very useful and interesting. 

As it was expected, this graphics card is a beast when it comes to PC gaming. The only significant difference between the Titan X and the new GTX 980 Ti is in its onboard memory capacity. The new graphics card comes with only 6GB of Ram while the Titan X packs an incredible 12GB of RAM. However, it’s not a disaster, because 6GB of RAM are more than enough for users to play today’s games even at 4K resolution. The new Nviadia GTX 980 Ti is perfect for any high-end games that are today on the market.  

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