NSA Leaker Edward Snowden Has No Regrets

Even though you may think that National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden has some regrets, he claims that he really regrets nothing. 

Edward Snowden does not regret revealing NSA’s mass surveillance program, at least this is what he claimed during a video conference on Monday. The famous leaker talked to the audience at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival. 

Even though Edward Snowden faces felony charges in the United States, he remains in Moscow living in temporary asylum. The famous leaker is accused of accessing classified documents, which he made public. 

The video conference with Edward Snowden lasted no less than one hour, during which a series of subjects were brought to discussion. Mostly, Snowden talked about various tools that can be used for enhanced privacy while using the web. For instance, Snowden talked about Tor, which is a service that encrypts web traffic. 

Moreover, the famous NSA leaker said that today’s technology should be used to offer more individual privacy to all users. Edward Snowden seemed to be quite fine and he actually said that he has absolutely no regrets in exposing the surveillance methods of the US government. In fact, he claimed that he would do it again, any time. 

“And when it comes to would I do this again, the answer is absolutely yes,” Snowden said. “I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution, and I saw that the Constitution was violated on a massive scale,” he went on to explain. 

“If we allow the NSA to continue unrestrained, every other government will accept that as a green light to do the same,” Snowden added. 

Edward Snowden received many applauses during his conference on Monday and the man seemed very relaxed. His presence was unexpected, as he very rarely makes public appearances. Although it is known that he lives in Russia, most likely in Moscow, his location remains undisclosed due to concerns for his own security. 

Edward Snowden is a former NSA contractor, who leaked information about an NSA program named PRISM. He exposed that the US government collects data from Google and Facebook, who are known to use people’s data to sell them advertisements.

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