Novak Djokovic Gets Miami Title

Noval Djokovic is the new winner of the Miami title after defeating Andy Murray on Sunday during the Sony Ericsson Open. This is the second consecutive year when Djokovic wins the title and the third victory in Miami.

Britain’s Andy Murray might have defeated Djokovic in the 2009 competition, but the Serbian tennis player managed to avenge his loss during the Sunday game which was held at Crandon Park. The Miami title comes to confirm that Djokovic is the best player for men’s game. Leaving modesty aside, the 25-year-old player stated in an on-court interview that he had a great performance from the beginning of the game until the end.

Despite the recent loss, Murray remains one of the strongest competitors, so Djokovic did not have time to relax during the Sony Ericsson Open. He told reporters that he had to stay focused throughout the entire game in order to make sure that Murray doesn’t turn the score in his favor. In fact, Djokovic managed to win 70 percent of his service points.

Both Djokovic and Murray started the game in a great shape. However, Murray made several unexpected errors during two of his game point chances. The Serb took advantage of these two backhand errors and took control of the game. Even though the score was pointing towards Djokovic’s victory, there have been several breathtaking moments which entertained viewers during the 90 minutes game.

Murray fell to 5-8 against Djokovic, so he was very disappointed at the end of the game. In his opinion, he lost the game because he had a problem with the returns which are, normally, the best parts in his game.

Last week was full of surprises for Murray who managed to get into the finals after two walkovers. Rafa Nadal was forced to withdrew from the semi-finals because of a knee injury; thus, making way for Murray to the finals. Despite this, the Scot stated that he was prepared for the finals and the Sunday game did not catch him off guard.

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