North Korea’s New Leader Reaffirms Hostility Towards South Korea

When news about Kim Jong-il’s death started roaming the world, everybody strongly felt this meant things are going to change. But, despite the former leader’s death, the newly appointed leader reaffirms North Korea’s hostility towards South Korea.

The video footage showing a news reader at North Korea’s KRT television announcing the death of Kim Jong-il while struggling with tears was seen by everybody across the world. The next days, photos and videos from the same KRT depicted people crying on streets, completely ravaged by their leader’s death. And then the new leader was appointed, Kim Jong Un, son of the late dictator.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world was eager to have the new leader’s first official reaction towards the country’s future and diplomatic relationships, especially with South Korea. Well, the reaction came, but only to show that for North Korea, so far, a new leader does not mean a change for the better.

Kim Jong Un appeared before masses in Pyongyang on Friday, where the people chanted his already favorite new title: ‘Great Leader’. During this speech he reaffirmed hostility towards South Korea and its president, Lee Myung-bak.

During that same day, a video of a news woman reading a decision from the country’s National Defence Commission surged. The news state the official standing of North Korea towards the South, confirming the deepest concerns of analysts and politicians: “On this occasion, we solemnly declare with confidence that foolish politicians around the world including the puppet forces in South Korea should not expect any change from us”.

The broadcaster continued the defiant statement with a warning that seems very more like a war promise: “The sea of bloody tears from our military and people will follow the puppet regime until the end. The tears will turn into a sea of revengeful fire that burns everything”.

Lee Dong-bok, senior associate at the nonprofit Center for Strategical and International Studies, points outs that although similar warnings have been made by North Korea before, “this time they have used a language that is 10 times harsher than before, and have taken a firm stance”. Lee Dong-bok also adds that “the statement suggest they will keep on threatening the global community with nuclear weapons”.

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