North Korea Might be Behind Sony Attack

The FBI is already investigation the case involving hacking of employee computers on Sony Pictures Entertainment. It has been revealed that that investigators are trying to find out if the North Korean government is behind this attack. 

“We’re talking about a country that doesn’t even have the lights on for most of their people but [has] the sophistication to do something like this,” sources revealed. So, the FBI is investigating the hack as a crime and the Department of Homeland Security is offering support and assistance to the famous company. However, no details on the way the investigation is evolving have been provided at this point. Still, it has been revealed that the attack is extremely sophisticated and could have not been conducted by an employee or former employees.

The FBI has already alerted other businesses to be careful and protect themselves from similar attacks. North Korea has become part of this scandal due to some statements that they made. North Korea actually threatened Sony Pictures over the release of the movie The Interview. This is a comedy that centers on the fictional attempt of assassinating Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea. 

The hack at Sony Pictures is an extremely serious violation. Hackers have actually gone to leak onto the Internet a series of sensitive information, including documents with personal information. This includes the salaries of several Sony executives, their Social Security numbers, as well as sensitive financial information, including deal terms and information regarding Sony movies. 

Moreover, hackers uploaded several Sony movies on the Internet, including the upcoming musical Annie. The posts were made by hackers under the name of Guardians of Peace. Apparently, the attack has nothing to do with the reductions that Sony made in the past few years. “The studio’s IT and information security budgets were not affected by the reductions of the past few years,” a statement from Sony revealed. 

The FBI has also met up with Sony employees to advise them on how to manage the leak of personal information. It is yet to see what will come next in this huge hacking scandal.

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