Nokia U.S. Cuts Prices For Nokia Lumia In Half

Considering the latest downfall of Nokia U.S, the Finnish firm decided to take a chance and cut prices for the new model Lumia in half. Nokia Lumia 900 is now available for purchase at only $49 in the AT&T online shop.

The formerly $99 Nokia Lumia 900 is now one of the affordable and hype gadgets on the U.S market. With a 4.3-inch screen, 1.4-GHz processor and  an 8-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens, this new model is expected to blow away the American telephone market.

Unfortunately for the tech enthusiasts, the latest Nokia model won’t be upgradeable to Windows 8 which is going to appear on the market this fall. The Lumia 900 will run on Windows 7.8, which is a great boost for the phone’s start up screen. However not for the more complex apps that are going to appear for the most expected operation system of the year.

Cutting prices to half is without a doubt a very risky move for Nokia. It’s a bold and ultimate resort choice, given the company’s current status on the market against fast growing developers as Apple, HTC or Samsung. Although, according to the research firm Nielsen since the prices were cut, purchases started growing at a faster pace.

The past few years weren’t the best for the Finnish developer. With the economic crisis damaging the whole world economy and especially the U.S., Nokia failed to adapt to a changing market. The company’s not so revolutionary products, although competitively priced, failed to appeal to the consumers’ thrill for the latest gadget.

But the Lumia 900 may be a lifesaver for Nokia. Data shows more than 80 percent of users are very pleased with the developer’s new model. According to Nielsen 83 percent said their expectations of the device were exceeded. Also, they suggest that more than 95 percent of the Lumia users would recommend it to others.

The bold move of Nokia and AT&T seems to have been what Lumia 900 needed. They offer customers appealing price and technology, two elements most companies today have a hard time with. Maybe Nokia’s Lumia 900 price cut will prompt a new trend in the phone market where everything over $49.99 is right now overpriced.

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