Nokia Releases Teaser For Lumia 928

Engadget reports that Nokia has released a new teaser trailer for their next flagship, the much-rumored Lumia 928. The brief clip focuses on the optical capabilities of the device instead of revealing its latest features.

Nokia did not make any official announcements in relation to its new model Lumia 928. The first ad was published in this month’s issue of Vanity Fair and was soon followed by a teaser trailer that was first spotted by Engadget. Based on the information provided by the clip, Lumia 928 will feature the optical image stabilization technology and a Carl Zeiss lens. The new smartphone is capable of capturing high-quality images even in dim conditions due to its advanced digital camera.

Earlier rumors have surfaced on the Internet announcing a thinner and lighter Nokia Lumia device, but none of these suppositions has been confirmed. The photos that were leaked last month portray a white Lumia device that has several different features from the 920 model. The edges and the dimensions of the 928 model have suffered several changes. The phone looks sharper than the previous model and it is a lot thinner and lighter. Reports claim that the LCD display has been replaced with an OLED screen.

Nokia chief Stephen Elop told the press that the Finnish company plans to invest a bigger capital in the promotion of the Lumia line of smartphones. He also mentioned a new Lumia device that would receive the “hero status” by becoming a leading US operator in the following quarter. No information has been disclosed in relation to the launching date of Lumia 928, but Elop advised customers to “stay tuned for updates”.

It is not just the digital camera of the new phone that has been improved, but also the form. Stephen Elop did not provide a clear description but suggested that the form of the new phone could also be modified. Verizon could start selling Lumia 928 by the end of May, according to a Bloomberg report published in April.

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