Nokia Releases New Android Phones for Emerging Markets

While many smartphone manufacturers have already shown their interest in emerging markets, it seems that Nokia has just made the first step releasing new android phones targeting these markets. 

With the release of its Android phones, Nokia actually aims to make an important presence on emerging markets. At this point, the famous manufacturer is trying to target such markets with no less than three low-cost smartphones. 

All the phones that Nokia has released at this point are based on Android. In fact, even though Microsoft is about to buy Nokia business, the company targeted now emerging markets with its new Android phones. It has been reported that Microsoft is planning on releasing low-cost smartphones on such markets, as well, so it is quite curious that Nokia made such a release now. 

Nokia’s vice president claimed that their release comes as “more and more people are buying smartphones for less than 100 euros.” “That sub-100 range is a massive opportunity for us. According to analysts, it will grow for times as fast as the rest of smartphone market,” Stephen Elop also claimed at the presentation that took place at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where Nokia made public its release. 

Nokia is not the only smartphone manufacturer which has shown interest in such markets. And there is no shock in that. Emerging markets represent an important development opportunity for all smartphone makers. 

Having under consideration the huge competition when it comes to high-end smartphones, as well as the saturation of the market, making great profits might seem very difficult. In this context numerous smartphone makers have shown interest in developing cheaper devices that would be able to address to a whole new category of clients. 

Well, the new smartphones that Nokia developed are going to be available in sale starting with the sum of 89 euros, which is about $122. So, 89 euros is going to be the price of the Nokia X, while Nokia x+ will cost 99 euros. Nokia XL will be available at 109 euros. 

Both three devices are expected to be available in sale in early March, so people interested in purchasing one of the new Nokia smartphones will soon be able to buy it. They are going to be available all over the world, including in growth markets. However, the new smartphones will not be available in the US, Canada, in Korea and Japan, where the Lumia phones are currently in sale.

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